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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Sorry for the late update. The very hated storm Ondoy just took the power out of me. yes I feel like dying already. I have been staying at home for so many days already.

My head has been aching for like four days straight now. I do not know what’s wrong or why I haven’t had a check up yet. I am into thinking that staying too much at home for 4 days straight is the one to blame, but no. Obviously it’s not. I hate flu. I did not know it would be this painful and as much as I want to go out and do something my parents, our parents rather because it’s not just me but my siblings as well, would not allow us to leave the house.

Headache please leave me I am begging. :’( My stomach too has been mean to me. Or maybe this is what you call the post heartbreak syndrome. I do not even want to say it’s a post, because.. It is not just yet. Argh.

Aside from headache I have been vomitting. Might as well tell my parents when I see them. Right now I do not have the strength to stand up and leave my room :’(

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