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fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight- Karl Lagerfeld

Sunday, August 30, 2009

tragedy of thy heart

I hate feeling something that I do not want to linger anymore.

I love to buy things for myself when I am sad.

I forgot to think of myself when I pursued the calling of my heart.

I have never experienced such heartache in my entire existence.

Fortunately I have new things to keep me busy somehow.

Unfortunately those new things did not work for me.

Unfortunately what I thought would last forever, ended.

-something I did for my class. I think you ought to know by now where did these come from.

my saturday class and day. sooooo okay but I am having a hard time inside.


(dress from ruins, denim vest from grandmom, shoes from ATC)

I am still coping with the painful experience that up to know I have not yet come to accept. I am starting to think and feel so many things already. Argh.

OKay so saturday was tiring, very tiring. Then came Sunday.

I am happy to have two new pairs of flops :) I got them from Nothing but water. 50 off.



(wearing the same blazer. I just cannot help but fall for it.)

I am planning to buy a pair of shoes from Aldo and/or Zara if I still have the funds. I really want those two pairs :'( I need to express what I feel, and buying the things I want especially when I am like this really helps.

My brother also bought his supra. Good for him. Blessed him.


I still hate it that I cannot accept the fact that someone's gone already. Its hard. Very hard.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

jobless student in need of cash

Isn't ironic that I am a jobless student when I am supposed to be studying lng instead of looking for a job. Well if not, then for me somehow it is. I need cold hard cash, for my own use and expenses haha. Because of that I tried applying to this job at (will not mention the place).. Only to find out that no it is not what this person told me to be. This person whom is the friend of my friend's friend told me that it was an online advertising job but when me and 2 of my friends went there..hai. We obviously got disappointed. Apparently it was a networking thing or BOM.. Business Opportunity Meeting. I am not a fan of networking so let's just say I just shed off the idea.

Anyway let me just show you guys pictures of what happened to me.

(mng red bag :)

(our lovey shih tzu frodo :)

(me and my friend santi :)

(me, jason, and santi :)

I am still coping with what I was feeling. I think you already know that. I pray to get over fast. I really do.

My hair's back to its natural color already :) I know I just dyed it black but nevertheless black is still the original color of my hair :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

The man I fell for.

The man I fell for

I fell for a man who has nothing at first glance
But eventually caught my heart
I fell for a man who was nothing to me
But eventually became my everything

I fell for his wits, charm, and smile
His attitude, intelligence, and company
His kindness, understanding
His personality that says it all

How could I just let go that easily?
If he makes my day, makes my life
I just fell for a man
who completely changed my life

My thoughts are his so are my dreams
And that I can't even bear to let go
But times like this requires an end
Even everything that has breath dies

This passion however will always linger
And I do not know for how long it will stay
All I know is that he has already marked
A special place in my heart

I do not want this to be a farewell
For he is the man I fell for
And I just want him to be
The one and only man I 'd fall for.

Monday, August 17, 2009

floral makes my day

I am into floral pieces right now. I think they add life to the outfit and makes it more lively, makes more statement. On the other hand you won't be able to accessorize that much. There are times I love plains as well, okay I think it really depends on my mood.

Anyway this is what I wore for today


This floral blazer from Marietta Rossiti which I got from my grand mom is much loved, and I turned my new look dress into a skirt. Top and inner top are from a local boutique shop here in Manila and wore my peep toe oxfords from Janilyn.

We had an afternoon with the rector, and that program is about the presentation of each organizations planned activities for the school year. I had a busy day taking pictures and walking around in high heels. Which reminds me I love what my girlfriend Sofia wore for today's event


I just love the pop of yellow in her outfit. Don't you guys? I also made her as my subject for my photography assignment which requires at least three techniques of composition. This picture has color..lines.. and I am still working on that one technique haha.

I also did buy few things for myself just to unwind make me forget certain things. I bought two nail polish, a vest, shorts, and belt. Yes they are just cheap finds at the mall.


These are my girlies, dane, paula, and sofia.

I am thinking of going to Singapore and work there after I graduate, on the other hand I am also thinking of working here and study fashion marketing. If only fashion journalism is available here in the Philippines. Those are just mere plans. All I need to do now is to study hard and save more.

My Tiffany bracelet is officially missing. I cried last night because I have been looking for it two nights straight already. Its like my dkny watch and that tiffany are the only accessory I love to wear. I cannot accept that fact that it is missing. I think its with my mom but scared to ask her because she might not give it back. T.T hate it.

I will just focus on my French and Spanish lessons.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

french lessons 101

Bonjour. Je suis un magasin self avoué toxicomane, en particulier sur les chaussures. En fait, je suis un accro des chaussures. Et je suis en train d'apprendre le français aujourd'hui en esperant qu'il me mettre à la dime plongez sur mon veut .. ou les besoins, je suppose.

J'espère que vous comprenez ce que je dis. Je sais que ma grammaire est un gachis.

Hello. I am self confessed shopping addict, shoe addict actually and I am learning French and Spanish now. i hope I do earn a dime in doing so to spend on my wants..or more like me needs. Forgive me I know my grammar is a mess.

Have a nice week ahead :)

Passez une bonne semaine à veni!!! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

bi-polar says it all

The weather is too much annoying and irritating for me to dress up. I have been too lazy to dress up beacuse of the scorching hot weather earlier. Geesh. I think it's enough reason for my outfit for today.


I think the weather is also to blame for my terrible hairdo haha.



I am loving my choco smelling lip gloss from estee lauder which was given by my brother's gf.. I mean ex. My brother's such a.. forget it. Anyway the girl and I are still friends though.


Dane tried the lipgloss as well and obviuosly liked it.

Those two people, Paula and Dane are my closest girlfriends in my college. They keep me sane whenever I go insane.

We went at town center to hang out and watched a movie. If you want a feel good movie watch Hangover. Its so funny, very funny. Enough said.

I seriously need money. I wish I had a part time job haha.

And it would be really sweet to know what you are thinking so just do leave a comment either telling me how silly am I or whatever you feel like :) Thanks :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

its OUR birthday :)

It has been two years since I first realized that Niko would be such a very good companion though I know we fight like the usual cats and dogs do. Anyway it is also another late post and it was such a bummer since it was a school day so my outfit for that day is not worth posting but since August 11 is considered special, I'll just post it anyway, on the other hand pictures of my outfit aren't that good since Niko forgot to put the SLR on auto focus and used the manual one that's why pictures of me, yes, are blurred, so I decided not to post it anyway.

We just at a fine dining restaurant at Bf called Pidente since we had classes in the morning till night. The restaurant serves Spanish.. or Italian.. I think Spanish food haha. I ate Seafood pasta while Niko ate Beef Salpicao, I think it's a Spanish restaurant haha. It is a really cozy resto perfect for a romantic date. Actually I was scared of going home late since I have a midterm exam the following day, but thank the Lord for He spared and I think I only got 4 mistakes... I think and I hope haha.


(this is what I ate. and I think the picture is better with a flash, Niko did not want me to put on the flash but I believe I have more knowldge on photography than he does haha)

(here is the picture with a flash. see?)

(here's what he ate. I asked him to take a shot of his own food. The photos just seem to ruin the tatse of the food)

(here's what we had for our appetize, it a calamari salad, i know it does not look nice but believe me it tastes good)



(this is what I gave him for that day, aside form the phone haha, I tried making this and a clearer version of this si at my previous posts so check them out :)

I hope to have a companion like this for the rest of eternity.........

Tada. Next time

I am really loving Becks Ko of camrefilmroll, I think she is really inspiring me in so many ways.
Anyway, I think most of you reading my blog prolly know her, and prolly like her too :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

day before the birthday.

I know this is a veryyy late post. I have been very busy, to the point that I hardly opened my fb account. anyway I attended a friend's birthday party. We had fun super. hahaha. So let me just leave the talking to the pictures :)

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. My hands are either shakey or I just did not fix the shutter speed so well. Anyway. Blah. More pictures on my facebook account :)

Yes the net too has been a sucker, I cannot use the photobucket due to its slowness. Boo.
I want a latext/spandex/shiny leggings sooooooooo bad. T.T
I checked it out on Zara, Topshop almost all in the stores I know and too sad that I was not able to find one but in return I found a denim leggings in Zara. I just can;t help but really be amazed by the fact that it indeed a leggings haha.

Nevertheless, my want for the wetloook leggings are still here, and I might just buy it online just to satisfy my hunger for it.

sooooo busy and soooo stupch.

yes its my new term for stupid. Today, thursday August 13 is the only free time I have and yet I have forgotten my memory card in the school, I left the camera at my cubby forgeting that the compact flash is still there. O guish.

I have been very busy this past few days. but I will be posting more pictures and stories later or as soon as I get more free time. I am in a poverty state right now and have spent... Forget it.
Anyway our burthday story and pictures will be coming up as well..

I will just leave you guys with pictures..or rather art I made as gift for Niko. haha.

Just few slides I have made. see ya around.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

casual days require casual outfits

Today is nothing special, except that two days from now it will be... OUR birthday :)

So for today I decided to add yellow into my outfit which is the shirt in the memory of the late former president Cory Aquino. I know that her death caused a lot of people pain and tears but I did not know that me myself would cry over her death. I am not usually a person who cries over the death of someone prominent like Mj's death yes it was sad but I did not cry. But Cory Aquino's death... Man I was not yet even born during the edsa 1.. But Cory Aquino indeed really is an inspiration to all of us. Also wheneever Kris Aquino (daughter of the former president) cries her heart out, there is something in her that makes me feel her pain. Ooh.

(unbranded yello top, from bangkok vest, speedo leggings, sandals form ATC, Sandro Vicari red bag)

(a reason why I stopped smiling with my teeth showing, I look basically hideous because of the braces. Argh.)

I also realized that music can really help provoke person's emotions or moods. Actually I cried while listening to the version of Sarah Geronimo's Magkaisa and watching the procession and clips of Cory Aquino's death.

Anyway I do not want to dwell on that too much na since it might cause me tears again haha.. On the lighter note, I am happy to have finished... oops. there is still one exams waiting for me until I officially say that my midterms have finally ended. I am quite happy with my tests, most of them are practical. I am just quite nervous with my Advertising Copywriting since... I do not know why, I just feel like I am not that good of a copywriter hahahaha.

With that my friends planned a gimik ( night out) which unfortunately I could not attend to because...... GUESS WHAT.

My parents did not allow me. I just could not. hay. I do not even want to talk about it. Even though I am not a teen already I am still their daughter afterall. I have very strict parents. Sheesh. I am not also the begging type of daughter, when they say no, I say Ok. End of discussion.

So my friends just planned to hang out in a nearby place. Actually we did not plan it..... it just happened. I was just in town center with them, then

(Dane using my lappy, and Paula either looking irritated or bored. I do not know with Dane. haha!)

(on our way to Manong's. I just tried putting the picture of a whiter version me. haha. Its like a before after thing, only that this is the after before thing haha. I am sorry for the angles, SLR is a quite big cam, hard to hold when taking a shot of yourself)

Do tell me if I look good with a whiter or darker skin haha.

(Dane, Paula, and Jaggy at the back seat)

( Paula with J.R a.k.a BITOY haha)

(with the driver. haha. Alec. Imagine there are like 7 of us in the car. Talk about stuffing oursleves haha)



So yeah we went to manong's at.. festi?? To hang out when we saw....


dady!! haha. No he is not my dad. We just call him that because... because.. That's what other students call him haha. He goes to school with us taking up Legal Management. See? Now you know why dady haha.

He is sooo generous in treating us sisig ( and many more haha.

(another camwhoring session with my girls...)

Let me leave you with this picture


The matakaw Jaggy haha.

More pictures on my fb account

Ciao!!! :)