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Monday, August 3, 2009


Gawd. I am in serious trouble. Why? LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG story. See? You can imagine how long noh? Anyway, today is the start of midterms week. I am supposed to be stressed, or maybe I am not, anyway who said midterms have to be stressful.

I just roamed around LP after my day in school and had some isaw ( chicken intestine) and some sort of animal organs ( I know sounds yuck, but its not
that gross,....... haha) with Niko and Dane.

(do not be scared. there's chicken intestine, pig's ears, barbecue, at least its not turtle errrr?)

I had a very not so good day, it started when I went to Manila, just to fix somethings.. Argh. I don't even want to mention or tell the story as why I had to go there. I am just hating my brother right now for his insensitivity, and his.. insensitivity. So argh. pft. INSENSITIVE.

Anyway this will be, after I get out of this semi-big trouble, the last time I will ever ask help from him. NEVER AGAIN. Seems like I am driven by my anger noh ha-ha.

hai. Anyway good thing I was with Niko and Dane, and they somehow cheered me up. Especially ehem Niko ha-ha. yeehee here I go again.

He just looks sooooo cute and ewww while he eats his food, ha-ha. He ate with rice pa. Sige lng go Niko haha. Go.


I got sick, and full of the isaw na din, obviously i ate plenty of it. But that did not stop us from posing in front of the cam haha. whatta camwhore.

(model ng isaw??? ha-ha)

(they are sick of it na. I think we wont be coming back here for a long time haha)

We basically just camwhored, and my outfit for today's toooo lazy its because, of the Manila thing, I got lazy to dress up as well. I just wore whatever it is that I found in my closet.

(I have been trying my best to have an excellent capture of the image using a verrrryyyy slow shutter speed, but it just does not seem to work, anyway here is the best we got I think ha-ha)

(okay, i think this is the best na ha-ha. )

(so dane and I are trying to imitate what Niko has been doing ha-ha)

okay one last picture before I end this. More pictures at my fb account :)



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