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Thursday, August 13, 2009

day before the birthday.

I know this is a veryyy late post. I have been very busy, to the point that I hardly opened my fb account. anyway I attended a friend's birthday party. We had fun super. hahaha. So let me just leave the talking to the pictures :)

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. My hands are either shakey or I just did not fix the shutter speed so well. Anyway. Blah. More pictures on my facebook account :)

Yes the net too has been a sucker, I cannot use the photobucket due to its slowness. Boo.
I want a latext/spandex/shiny leggings sooooooooo bad. T.T
I checked it out on Zara, Topshop almost all in the stores I know and too sad that I was not able to find one but in return I found a denim leggings in Zara. I just can;t help but really be amazed by the fact that it indeed a leggings haha.

Nevertheless, my want for the wetloook leggings are still here, and I might just buy it online just to satisfy my hunger for it.

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