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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the worst place with the best people

I have never really considered that this SM could be the worst SM in the universe so far,
considering that I practically grew up going to that mall, OKay, not that I always go to
that mall but the by the mere name of that mall reminds me of my highschool days.

(with my high school friends)

Anyway, maybe this SM is not that bad, I think I am generalizing the fact that they have the
WORST, I repeat, its a fact, apparently to me, that they have indeed the worst ARCADE center
ever! So worst that I did not even take a picture of the place.

(only our faces because the place is really soo bulok, good thing we are not bulok haha!)

But for the love of my friends, I agreed to go to this place even though seriously
I was already feeling sick, knowing that I would be hanging out there. Exaggerated?
YES. But this is me, and this is how I am, and I do not have to explain furthermore,
because my friends know it and my enemies.. do I even have one?? haha.

(meet moi, gel, chari, and becky)
eating at karate kid.

(the three of us foooling around haha)

I also realized that accidental happenings are at some point better than the actually
planned ones.. haha. I am happy to say that I am a registered voter already.
I did not plan to involve myself in the activity prior to going to the ugh. place. but
since becky and chari are going to regitser themselves, I decided to do myself the favor
as well. I do not know why my best friend Angela did not join us, well whatever her reason is.. I still think she is pretty weird haha.

(yeah so this is gel.. i told you PRETTY weird haha.)

I still do not know who to vote for.. Anyway, so my plan was to go at least to Town Center
to hang out but Chari and Becky, said that it was far from their place, which is not that far and I remember Becky mentioned that she needed to be home by four so I gave my want to hang out in Town and went with them at... I will not mention the place nlng.

(so this two, chari and becky were the culprits.. or the ones to blame for the bad location haha)

(but look at them they seem to be enjoying it pa.. esp. becky.. noh?)

( see, I told you she is enjoying it haha. to think she was the one who said she had to leave early haha)

So I agreed to hang out to this mall just to find out that Becky will be going home late,
we went home at around 7.3oish na. hai naku. That is all I can say to them haha. Anyway it was
indeed the worst place.. or sm so far for that matter... but with the best people :)

I still enjoyed hanging out with them because I super missed them sayang (such a waste/unfortunately ) that the other members of the barkada was not there.

Next time I hope to have my barkada (clique) completed hahaha. LOL ;p

Sunday, July 19, 2009

dress up.

new look dress, denim co jacket, online shoes

this is what I wore for my class yesterday. It was actually a day to night outfit because I also wore this for the acquaintance party of the freshmen. I am practicing the habit of wearing day to night outfits for the reason that... I won't be wasting my time going home from school, and to learn how to be fashionable under pressure??? I think that would fall under a different category.

same dress,

I just changed my shoes into boots that I got from my grand mom again. I opted to wear flat shoes because I was assigned to take pictures of the event. Oh it reminds me.. that I need to uplaod the pictures at my fb account na. Oh gosh. So many things to do yet so little time. Very little time actually.


yes I do happened to be the walking photo booth for that event. I still had fun though. I can say the party was not that horrible compared to what the OTHERS probably thought.

I just wished all of the freshies attended but oh well there will always be those who would be really insensitive and apathetic about the projects that people try to put up for them.


this is me with dane, marlon, and jaggy. Good thing butch or... (naku, I am sorry I am quite confused who took the pic) whoever took the picture was there to somehow at least take a good picture of me.. with them haha.


and yeah this is me with dane, trying my best to take a shot with this SLR. I have always thought that I am good with taking pictures of me using any camera haha. (just a thought)


and there was this dance showdown that I almost missed because I went outside, I also had a hard time taking some decent pictures of the showdown. In my own opinion, among the shots I took, this is the best I have captured. LOL.


these were the two winners from the showdown.. a girl form BM (Business Management) and a guy form CMS (Comm.and Media Studies) yeepee CMS the best.....(biased mode)

the party ended at exactly 12, I had fun dancing with my friends.. more like going crazy with them at the dance floor.


How can I forget to have a picture of us.

AAaaaaah. I still have some blogging to do tom. but for the meantime I have to got to bed na because I might fall flat in front of my pc. (is that even possible?) Argh (which reminds me... I need to buy a router for my wi-fi at home and a prepaid broadband. *sigh*)

See so many things to do but so little time. I'll catch up with my adventure/s tom.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

typical ramblings.

I have been wanting to forget what happened to me last night. It was ugh. SINFUL. must-not-remember-nor-mention-it-AGAIN......

Yesterday Monday was really an I-do-not-know day. Like I cannot remember. Or maybe its juts the night part I do not remember.. It was raining, or was kind of rainy yesterday that's why I decided to wear this..

(kamiseta jacket, zara basics top, lee pants, vintage belt, pink crocs flats, vintage bag)

Good thing it rained because I really wanted to use the jackets I got from my mom and grand mom and the jackets I found lying underneath my closet ( yes, I have a very... messy closet).

I also did my homework for my photography class which is to capture the ff:

one image of blatantly fast shutter speed

(this was my first attempt, though the head was cut off, I really liked the shot haha)


(finally I got it na. I call this PERFECT :>)

(this is janel, ooohh they jump so high haha)

one image of blatantly slow shutter speed

(I am not that sure if this shot would qualify, I am so into capturing te smoke e haha)

image of shallow depth of field effect


image with a deep depth of field effect


I am kind of enjoying my photography class. I know my shots are not that oooohhh wow but that's one of the reasons why I took this class. Basically I would like to learn more about the art of photography haha. My favorite shot.. I think its very obvious by now, with Marlon as my favorite subject, it is his jump shot that I fave the most haha :) veerrrryyyy good. I find the last one lousy, oh well I know my professor would be a much good critique about that, it's (the shots) to be submitted tom. wednesday haha, and I will be waiting comments from him.

After that I hanged out a bit with my friends then went home. Hai. My story ends there haha.

I am like annoyed with chictopia right now. so annoyed seriuosly. :'( it wont open sheesh!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

weekend break


Yey. Weekend means more time to rest. I hope so. Yesterday (Friday, July 10) was just really tiring. Actually the week was very tiring, its like one hell of a week for me. AnywayI had fun today because Niko and I celebrated what we call the nikotrisha day. For some reason we just decided and realized that the number eleven or the 11th of August 2 years ago did something to the both of us.. or to me perhaps so we take time to remember that every month haha (okay I do not want to make this sound so cheesy)

Yes we have been going crazy and fooling around for the past 23 months already..
We abviously ate outside then strolled around the mall, and bought some things for myself.. We did not really hanged out that long since he had to go to Laguna for their team building. T.T


I really had fun today. oh and last night with his brothers. They were all cute together :)
Hai. Too bad I was not able to take a shot of us :'( since I was sooo lazy to get my camera in the car. I know there will be a next time for that. ( My blogging right now is so unforgivable LOL)


I also bought a new pair of shoes this week (actually niko did). I love the pinkness of the shoe that's why I instantly bought it haha. My outfit falls between irony and eccentricity. I don't know what made me say that, I just feel like it because of the skirt and the shoes.


I am not really in the mood to dress up that much because I have been growing like CRAZY!!!!
My fatness is already unforgivable, well apparently to me. I seriously need to be serious (okay how redundant is that?) with what I want now. School has been very stressful, and people there have been very.... IRRITATING and ANNOYING. Yes very.. way too annoying.

I am also irritated with my rents right now. esp with the argh dad see how irritated I am. I hate it when he shouts or raises his voice, its just too irritatting especially now that I have my period, my patience is running low right now. (the reason I am ranting is because I have my period. I think haha)

The only thing that is making me giddy and excited are the clothes and shoes my Lola sent me. Another yey for that. I cannot wait to dress up. I can't wait to lose weight. (That rhymes LOL) I cannot wait for this period to END!!!!!

Okay I am going crazy. I wish this period stops na tlga.

Trish (O.0)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

what breaks me..makes me..

I am not to talk about fashion but rather what I truly feel. Not that publicizing what I feel would put an end to whatever I am encountering right now, nor would I want to publicly humiliate myself. I would just like to use this medium to vent out at the same time express my outlooks and emotions that seems to be bittersweet and complicated.

OKay I totally lost what I wrote. and it sucked BIG time.


This guy up here is Niko and I happened to hate his insensitivity at times, his criticisms that seems so insensitive, and the sound of his voice when he is so irritated... and yes he may break me at times..

for the past few days, we have been experiencing this rocky situation that is draining all the emotions in me but on the other hand I just realized...


He also makes my day, helps me through thick and thin, never gives up on me.. and still sticks with me though I have pushed him away a thousand times already.

Now is that a person worth pushing or keeping?

I say I keep this nosy guy around. Through thick and thin, he is my best friend after all.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

WHITE emergency


Yes it was indeed a white emergency. But thanks to camerafilmroll's blog I have come to make my ordinary blouse into a tube top :) I had to attend to a debut of a friend which has a white party theme, and unfortunately I am kind of broke right now so I cannot buy that perfect white dress YET. Well actually, I have this perfect white dress envisioned in my mind already, I just cannot seem to find that YET.

Well I am thinking of having it done instead of doing an endless search :) BTW, Niko knows.. I think he knows how to sew which will be very perfect. I am also planning to enroll myself more likely next year after I graduate from my bachelors degree in fashion communication.. Okay, that would be too much.. maybe a two year vocational course in pattern making and sewing.


So here is the debutante, and I like her shoes.She happens to be my brothers.. err I think girlfriend.. Or a very special friend just like me and Niko haha.. Special friend would most likely mean one thing right??


So here I am showing more of my outfit. I loved my necklace, I am into necklaces lately and a lot of bangles. A lot of them. I bought another 4 bangles and a necklace just this week. I never really thought I would be into accesories, not before I considered fashion in my life.


Here am I with Niko, just fooling around and camwhoring :)


and I think he is also one hell of a fashionable guy as well :) he just wont admit it.

Okay let me take that back, he said he's not fashionable, just classy.

Things do not really seem to happen the way you think or want them to be. I almost lost what I have. Impulsive desicion making, emotions over ruling your state of mind, and a pale full of tears surpassing the memories you had. In this almost thing, the sitauation had its twist and eventually turned out to be good. Thank God it was good. :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

strangers in love...

I was about to leave my house wearing this but when my date arrived it seemed like our outfits did not match so from this I had to change to...


This.. Comfy and casual. It was a casual "malling" day with my Niko, and I thought we were heading some else where that's why I wore the outfit above but I was completely wrong so I had to change my top and shoes leaving my bag and leggings to wear.
I sooo love my bag. It was one of my grand mother's gift to me for my birthday. A red purse from an Italian designer named Sandro Vicari. I think my grand mother is really a fan of Italian designers, and she gave me this together with a pair shoes. I did not wear the shoes because I would look like some formal freak. The shoes were obviously too formal. Second thing I loved from my outfit is my vest, so comfy and it really adds up style to a simple outfit. Look how simple this outfit would be without this vest right? I also got this from my grand mother also as birthday gift.. well I am not sure if its part of the b-day gift series.. Well my icon for the first attempted outfit would be camerafilmroll's 17.5k per year sucks blog from Chictopia. Yes a common fashionista that I truly follow :) and also adore. And for the "real" outfit for the day.. It would be all me, with the help of my Niko of course. :)


We did enjoy our "date" if that's what my dad calls it. It has been like I don't know.. Long before we had this "date" again. With his very busy schedule and my busy mind we hardly have time to go out and hang out as... you know. It seemed like we were two strangers who were dating each other and getting to know each other. Huh. But as the time went on we managed to enjoy each others company. I thought being with him is already a failing mission, but I was wrong. Just a rocky one. Actually I was just going to accompany him to buy clothes for tom.'s debut of a friend but we ended up.. dating... I thought the ah1n1 outbreak and the suspension of classes from SBCA is such a bad thing, but again I was wrong. It was like an angel in disguise for me :)

So here I am doing a silly face along the bay of Manila. Yes I love doing silly faces.

And us totally camwhoring. We watched the fireworks later and finally went home. I really did enjoy the day except that ooohhh it was the mid year sale and here I am soooo broke. Its like going to a war without any weapons. :( But I did not let the "broke in a mid year sale" thing ruin my day.. date.. with niko. We still ended up smiling though our fashion needs were already crying out haha!

We weren't really strangers after all. Just two friends who have not seen each other for a long time :)

style icon

I really love Serena Van Der Woodsen's style. Actually it was just lately when I realize that I am really into this kinds of things (fashion, gossips, and shoes! ) I have never watched GG until 2 months ago I actually did a two day marathon of the 2 seasons at once haha! It was through a friend (isha, that's you! so thank me haha! ) that she brought out the fashioner in me I think. Don't you just love Serena's style? I have been trying to copy her though I don't think I am doing any better. *sigh*

And also, Georgina Sparks is love. Its Michelle Trachtenberg that I really like, but considering her style in GG, I have come to like Georgina na din :) I want a new pair of gray colored skinny jeans. :'( I also love how she wore the liquid leggings, it was very.. shiny? haha. oOh. which reminds me that I need to buy new one again, because the one I have is not so "liquidy".
I guess I have to buy the gray skinnies first before the liquids.

There are also those common fashionistas that I follow, there are a lot of them actually.

Yey. I am starting to master this blog :) hooray for the two pictures :)

next time,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So yes.

I have finally found a temporary nice layout for my blog. From the pink one to the shoes. yes. I LOOOVVVVVVEEEE shoes :) I am still figuring out how to upload photos in my blogs. I did it once but I can't seem to do it now. I'm pretty tired.

Signing Out,
Paty. zZzzZZzzzZZZzzzzZZZZzZZZzzZ.

So new and so little time..

I am new to this stupid eating site. And yes it made me feel stupid, not that blogging makes me feel stupid but the way I want my site to look nice and impressive and all that, you get what I mean right?

Anyway. Yes I feel shy about the layout of my blog. I just cannot find an awesome template that definitely suits my taste. Ugh. I need to learn more about HTML codes and layouting, I admit I am stupid to layouting stuffs and all that.

But since I am new to this and this is my first post, I know you understand. errr right?

I will be updating this blog and the layout next time or maybe after I post this if I am not that sleepy yet.

So long. New site. New Stuff. So little time.