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Friday, July 3, 2009

strangers in love...

I was about to leave my house wearing this but when my date arrived it seemed like our outfits did not match so from this I had to change to...


This.. Comfy and casual. It was a casual "malling" day with my Niko, and I thought we were heading some else where that's why I wore the outfit above but I was completely wrong so I had to change my top and shoes leaving my bag and leggings to wear.
I sooo love my bag. It was one of my grand mother's gift to me for my birthday. A red purse from an Italian designer named Sandro Vicari. I think my grand mother is really a fan of Italian designers, and she gave me this together with a pair shoes. I did not wear the shoes because I would look like some formal freak. The shoes were obviously too formal. Second thing I loved from my outfit is my vest, so comfy and it really adds up style to a simple outfit. Look how simple this outfit would be without this vest right? I also got this from my grand mother also as birthday gift.. well I am not sure if its part of the b-day gift series.. Well my icon for the first attempted outfit would be camerafilmroll's 17.5k per year sucks blog from Chictopia. Yes a common fashionista that I truly follow :) and also adore. And for the "real" outfit for the day.. It would be all me, with the help of my Niko of course. :)


We did enjoy our "date" if that's what my dad calls it. It has been like I don't know.. Long before we had this "date" again. With his very busy schedule and my busy mind we hardly have time to go out and hang out as... you know. It seemed like we were two strangers who were dating each other and getting to know each other. Huh. But as the time went on we managed to enjoy each others company. I thought being with him is already a failing mission, but I was wrong. Just a rocky one. Actually I was just going to accompany him to buy clothes for tom.'s debut of a friend but we ended up.. dating... I thought the ah1n1 outbreak and the suspension of classes from SBCA is such a bad thing, but again I was wrong. It was like an angel in disguise for me :)

So here I am doing a silly face along the bay of Manila. Yes I love doing silly faces.

And us totally camwhoring. We watched the fireworks later and finally went home. I really did enjoy the day except that ooohhh it was the mid year sale and here I am soooo broke. Its like going to a war without any weapons. :( But I did not let the "broke in a mid year sale" thing ruin my day.. date.. with niko. We still ended up smiling though our fashion needs were already crying out haha!

We weren't really strangers after all. Just two friends who have not seen each other for a long time :)


  1. yayyy!! I love your Malling outfit! It's so cute. and the vest definitely makes it very cool.