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Friday, July 3, 2009

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I really love Serena Van Der Woodsen's style. Actually it was just lately when I realize that I am really into this kinds of things (fashion, gossips, and shoes! ) I have never watched GG until 2 months ago I actually did a two day marathon of the 2 seasons at once haha! It was through a friend (isha, that's you! so thank me haha! ) that she brought out the fashioner in me I think. Don't you just love Serena's style? I have been trying to copy her though I don't think I am doing any better. *sigh*

And also, Georgina Sparks is love. Its Michelle Trachtenberg that I really like, but considering her style in GG, I have come to like Georgina na din :) I want a new pair of gray colored skinny jeans. :'( I also love how she wore the liquid leggings, it was very.. shiny? haha. oOh. which reminds me that I need to buy new one again, because the one I have is not so "liquidy".
I guess I have to buy the gray skinnies first before the liquids.

There are also those common fashionistas that I follow, there are a lot of them actually.

Yey. I am starting to master this blog :) hooray for the two pictures :)

next time,

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  1. Indeed looks really nice in these photos. Reminds me to get grey denim...