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Sunday, July 19, 2009

dress up.

new look dress, denim co jacket, online shoes

this is what I wore for my class yesterday. It was actually a day to night outfit because I also wore this for the acquaintance party of the freshmen. I am practicing the habit of wearing day to night outfits for the reason that... I won't be wasting my time going home from school, and to learn how to be fashionable under pressure??? I think that would fall under a different category.

same dress,

I just changed my shoes into boots that I got from my grand mom again. I opted to wear flat shoes because I was assigned to take pictures of the event. Oh it reminds me.. that I need to uplaod the pictures at my fb account na. Oh gosh. So many things to do yet so little time. Very little time actually.


yes I do happened to be the walking photo booth for that event. I still had fun though. I can say the party was not that horrible compared to what the OTHERS probably thought.

I just wished all of the freshies attended but oh well there will always be those who would be really insensitive and apathetic about the projects that people try to put up for them.


this is me with dane, marlon, and jaggy. Good thing butch or... (naku, I am sorry I am quite confused who took the pic) whoever took the picture was there to somehow at least take a good picture of me.. with them haha.


and yeah this is me with dane, trying my best to take a shot with this SLR. I have always thought that I am good with taking pictures of me using any camera haha. (just a thought)


and there was this dance showdown that I almost missed because I went outside, I also had a hard time taking some decent pictures of the showdown. In my own opinion, among the shots I took, this is the best I have captured. LOL.


these were the two winners from the showdown.. a girl form BM (Business Management) and a guy form CMS (Comm.and Media Studies) yeepee CMS the best.....(biased mode)

the party ended at exactly 12, I had fun dancing with my friends.. more like going crazy with them at the dance floor.


How can I forget to have a picture of us.

AAaaaaah. I still have some blogging to do tom. but for the meantime I have to got to bed na because I might fall flat in front of my pc. (is that even possible?) Argh (which reminds me... I need to buy a router for my wi-fi at home and a prepaid broadband. *sigh*)

See so many things to do but so little time. I'll catch up with my adventure/s tom.



  1. u have gorgeous hair!
    and i like the way the dress looks with the boots :)

  2. Hello!
    I want your shoes in the first picture! (: