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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

typical ramblings.

I have been wanting to forget what happened to me last night. It was ugh. SINFUL. must-not-remember-nor-mention-it-AGAIN......

Yesterday Monday was really an I-do-not-know day. Like I cannot remember. Or maybe its juts the night part I do not remember.. It was raining, or was kind of rainy yesterday that's why I decided to wear this..

(kamiseta jacket, zara basics top, lee pants, vintage belt, pink crocs flats, vintage bag)

Good thing it rained because I really wanted to use the jackets I got from my mom and grand mom and the jackets I found lying underneath my closet ( yes, I have a very... messy closet).

I also did my homework for my photography class which is to capture the ff:

one image of blatantly fast shutter speed

(this was my first attempt, though the head was cut off, I really liked the shot haha)


(finally I got it na. I call this PERFECT :>)

(this is janel, ooohh they jump so high haha)

one image of blatantly slow shutter speed

(I am not that sure if this shot would qualify, I am so into capturing te smoke e haha)

image of shallow depth of field effect


image with a deep depth of field effect


I am kind of enjoying my photography class. I know my shots are not that oooohhh wow but that's one of the reasons why I took this class. Basically I would like to learn more about the art of photography haha. My favorite shot.. I think its very obvious by now, with Marlon as my favorite subject, it is his jump shot that I fave the most haha :) veerrrryyyy good. I find the last one lousy, oh well I know my professor would be a much good critique about that, it's (the shots) to be submitted tom. wednesday haha, and I will be waiting comments from him.

After that I hanged out a bit with my friends then went home. Hai. My story ends there haha.

I am like annoyed with chictopia right now. so annoyed seriuosly. :'( it wont open sheesh!


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