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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new loots :)

This is an updated post of the few loots I got for myself and received as well. I just thought I'd share it though.



I have a feeling that my next splurge aside from shoes would be perfumes.


There is something in them that got me interested with accessories as well.



Gifts given by two of my close friends :)


I am so obsessed with non-heeled shoes. So are the lacy ones but niko stopped from buying so. He said he does not like too much lace. Let me correct that, the one I was aiming for are rather strappy than lacy haha.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas all over :)

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas everyone :)
Since I am an almost grown up lady, most of the gifts I have received are gift cards haha. I have considered it much better so that I can freely choose the gifts I want for myself :)



Before the day ended we (family) decided to watch an MMFF entry at the Mall of Asia. The majority voted for Ang Panday and look where it got them. Haha. It was not that bad, but something I would not say I loved or would recommend. Also, the movie house was such a disappointment because for a minute or two there had been a technical problem while the film is being played. Imagine the the film audience's reaction, including me, watching the film with no sound at all, guessing what line could the actors be saying. The hated part is that the management did not even rewind the scene where the sound was cut off.

Anyway. That was a bad review for the MOA cinema management.

I wore same toned outfit to match the gift I got from Niko :)\

As I promised you guys. Here it is. :)


More pics on my fb :)


Happy Holidays :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

back on track

The year's about to end. 2009 has been a very memorable year for me because of too many reasons like me being in my last year in college, me being in a situation I never thought of, and a lot more. Before the year ends I would just like to tell myself that everything that has happened to me including the blessing in disguise times will never be forgotten, but rather be cherished. For the past months I was just blinded by my own fears and of the reality that came knocking right at the front of my door step. It made me forget the things I want, love, and like. But no, I am not blaming that reality or problem as what people see it, I have just been afraid of the circusmtances I was into, but now that I am already out of it I can say that..

I am really back on track now.

and 2009 will always be remembered no matter what.

That blessing in disguise will remain in my heart forever.

Happy Christmas to y'all


Happy Christmas everyone :) Honestly, I still cannot feel the Christmas spirit maybe because I still have a hang of school work. Also I feel sad with the people who would be celebrating their Christmas eve's in the evacuation centers. Anyway, I am also blessed because I have my family with me and I receiving lots of things lately :) So, no need to be sad. haha.

I am happy with the present niko gave me, I will be showing you guys tom.the photo together with my outfit :)

For the mean time let me just show you pictures of Christmas eve with niko and my newly bought oxfords :)



and my sweet baby says


Merry Christmas and keep on eating hahaha :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!

It's been a while.


this was my cousin andres right when he was born 2 months and a half ago.


and this is him now. :)


Happy Holidays everyone :)


Friday, November 27, 2009

next day, I'll be back.

Fashion will always be in my blood.
It may have gone for a while,
but it sure did come back.

The challenge is,
where to start?

I have been gone
for quite sometime.

this blog will be the start.

Tomorrow is gonna be
the output.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I will be coming back.


Thursday, October 1, 2009


Sorry for the late update. The very hated storm Ondoy just took the power out of me. yes I feel like dying already. I have been staying at home for so many days already.

My head has been aching for like four days straight now. I do not know what’s wrong or why I haven’t had a check up yet. I am into thinking that staying too much at home for 4 days straight is the one to blame, but no. Obviously it’s not. I hate flu. I did not know it would be this painful and as much as I want to go out and do something my parents, our parents rather because it’s not just me but my siblings as well, would not allow us to leave the house.

Headache please leave me I am begging. :’( My stomach too has been mean to me. Or maybe this is what you call the post heartbreak syndrome. I do not even want to say it’s a post, because.. It is not just yet. Argh.

Aside from headache I have been vomitting. Might as well tell my parents when I see them. Right now I do not have the strength to stand up and leave my room :’(

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday Night

(next jeans, woman's secret top, MNG red bag)

I am sorry for my poker face. haha. Its not that poker more like funny something icky face haha. I look stupid.

Obviously saturday night would often lead to nigh outs. Being the photographer is sometimes not nice since you don't get much to participate in the picture haha.



Good thing someone's kind to take a picture of me with them haha. I had a very bad hangover the next day. Errr. Not so good.


Anyway that's the reason why I take pictures of myself prior to events like that :)


more at :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

amadeo trip....

It was crazy and unplanned. Things you do for like (LOVE).
I had to buy leggings and shoes and order for me to change since I was wearing a skirt and oxford heels, I knew I had to change.

and I just love my new looooots. I am hoping to get my slashed leggings sooon before it runs out of the store again.






Saturday, September 12, 2009

new loots..

Yay! :) I am happy to have finally own a real liquid leggings :) I am also happy with my new shoes :) They are comfy, and not so hard to walk with to. I think its really right that platform heels are perfect for those who cannot afford to wear heels properly haha :) and I love my G2000 top. Like I said I am into oversized tops lately :) my purple belt is also LOOOVED, and of course I am most happy with me feature in :)



I ate out with Niko.. :) and friends as well :)


Love y'all :)

first feature :)

hey please do check this site :) I was featured in the style files of I would like to thanks candy mag for giving me such an opportunity :) please do check :) :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

love at first sight

Saw it at a local shoe boutique. Last pair. 50 0ff. What can I say? :)



Its purple and its love. :)

pinky leighton



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Me encanta la moda



fringe hoodie


perfect for girls who want to have longer hair. Errr it costs 140$ to 170$. Depends on the store.


Nonooo Lyons

Love the jacket. Thanks to designers Misha and Deborah. LOOOOVE.




Wednesday, September 9, 2009

wednesday. BAD.

I do not know, but I just wonder... if you are contented with what you have, like not having much of the things you want in life and you aren't actually the best, does that mean you live in mediocrity?? I just wonder.

I love water. I love the rain, but earlier, I kind of got pissed with it. You see, I do not have my own car, and its just my dad who brings me to school at times and earlier was unfortunate because... to cut the long story short, the shoes I was wearing failed me in the stormy situation here in Manila. Yes it got destroyed, the left shoe actually. T.T Like what they say, when something leaves, there's a better one coming, something like that haha.

On the lighter side. I am happy that I finally got my liquid leggings, real liquidy leggings online :)


The new love.


My next target, something like that. Nice jacket. :)

and these knee high boots are really perfect for the season/weather


Aren't these cool?


Perfect look for the season.

source:fashionising and Zara

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jabbawockezz fever

First of all I did not know that the Jabbawockeez will be in town. I meant Manila. It was only last Wednesday or Thursday I think that I knew they would have their mall tour. Anyway it was my first time to see town center crowded and all that. I had a hard time breathing because of too many people, anwyay the experience was great nonetheless.

I went to Makati the next day and the people were going crazy over the Jabbawockeez again. I did not know that the next mall tour was in Glorietta. I went to Podium and Megamall because of too many people, Jabbawockezz are hell of an aweosme.


(top from my closet, bottom from my closet, bag form f21, shoes from Nothing but Water)

(at Sueno de Espadrilles)

(meet my siblings..)

My new loot...


I do not know what made me buy the shoes, I guess because of its weirdy cuteness. :)
I also bought a backpack for my school. Its pink and very cute haha.

Have a nice week ahead!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


we are both okay. I am now happy. I mean I chose to be happy :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

pink power

Men know how to carry pink so well. Though they kind of look pretty weird in it, still they look cute :)



Aren't you loving pink???


shoe trends for the crazy meee.

2009 shoes that I go gaga for. Don't you just love em???

"Don't they just defy the trends??" right??



Fringes have made their comeback as well. I am happy to have a pair of fringe boots.


I gave my blue pumps to a friend because I plan to have a blue shoes as awesome as this...