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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas all over :)

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas everyone :)
Since I am an almost grown up lady, most of the gifts I have received are gift cards haha. I have considered it much better so that I can freely choose the gifts I want for myself :)



Before the day ended we (family) decided to watch an MMFF entry at the Mall of Asia. The majority voted for Ang Panday and look where it got them. Haha. It was not that bad, but something I would not say I loved or would recommend. Also, the movie house was such a disappointment because for a minute or two there had been a technical problem while the film is being played. Imagine the the film audience's reaction, including me, watching the film with no sound at all, guessing what line could the actors be saying. The hated part is that the management did not even rewind the scene where the sound was cut off.

Anyway. That was a bad review for the MOA cinema management.

I wore same toned outfit to match the gift I got from Niko :)\

As I promised you guys. Here it is. :)


More pics on my fb :)


Happy Holidays :)


  1. i loved this outfit! And who is this child of the last photo?

  2. thanks :) that's my cousin :)