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Thursday, December 24, 2009

back on track

The year's about to end. 2009 has been a very memorable year for me because of too many reasons like me being in my last year in college, me being in a situation I never thought of, and a lot more. Before the year ends I would just like to tell myself that everything that has happened to me including the blessing in disguise times will never be forgotten, but rather be cherished. For the past months I was just blinded by my own fears and of the reality that came knocking right at the front of my door step. It made me forget the things I want, love, and like. But no, I am not blaming that reality or problem as what people see it, I have just been afraid of the circusmtances I was into, but now that I am already out of it I can say that..

I am really back on track now.

and 2009 will always be remembered no matter what.

That blessing in disguise will remain in my heart forever.

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