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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

wednesday. BAD.

I do not know, but I just wonder... if you are contented with what you have, like not having much of the things you want in life and you aren't actually the best, does that mean you live in mediocrity?? I just wonder.

I love water. I love the rain, but earlier, I kind of got pissed with it. You see, I do not have my own car, and its just my dad who brings me to school at times and earlier was unfortunate because... to cut the long story short, the shoes I was wearing failed me in the stormy situation here in Manila. Yes it got destroyed, the left shoe actually. T.T Like what they say, when something leaves, there's a better one coming, something like that haha.

On the lighter side. I am happy that I finally got my liquid leggings, real liquidy leggings online :)

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