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Saturday, September 12, 2009

new loots..

Yay! :) I am happy to have finally own a real liquid leggings :) I am also happy with my new shoes :) They are comfy, and not so hard to walk with to. I think its really right that platform heels are perfect for those who cannot afford to wear heels properly haha :) and I love my G2000 top. Like I said I am into oversized tops lately :) my purple belt is also LOOOVED, and of course I am most happy with me feature in :)



I ate out with Niko.. :) and friends as well :)


Love y'all :)


  1. Once you fine with your new shoes, I liked that he answered me joy ^ ^, it's good to meet girls from other countries.

    I've seen in several months chictopia am addicted to chictopia, but I have an account because I'm something special with the photos.

    see you ^^ kisses

  2. great ensemble! i just ordered a second pair of liquid leggings that are actually long enough for me :)

  3. Love your platforms!! and those liquid leggings look sexy.. Hey, thanks for the follow..=)


  4. and oh, have added you to my blogroll..=)

  5. wow! has their eye on you! `grats babe!
    i adore ur outfit! u've balanced the elements really well, not to mention you incorporated the akomismo dog tag! love you! ^^v
    [sigh for me 'coz the liquid leggings that i ordered online did not fit me as well as it fits you ='( ]
    nwe, proud to be pinoy!
    greeting from bacolod. *kisses*

  6. i want leggings like that ! and great shoes :D