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Friday, September 11, 2009

love at first sight

Saw it at a local shoe boutique. Last pair. 50 0ff. What can I say? :)



Its purple and its love. :)


  1. 50% off?!??!!!!!!!! omg what a good deal
    i've been looking for a pair of purple shoes, i have so many shoes, but none of them are purple!! can you believe that??

  2. Hello, my name Yhamilet and let me tell you I'm a faithful follower of yours in your page Chictopia, I like how you dress, I love all your combinations you do and you see that you are a very pretty girl.

    I'm from Mexico so we have a loyal follower from across the globe.

    I do not speak much English and I try to write this short note, by the way great blog.

  3. Oh wow! Those are pretty!

    Click here about chic rewards:

    I saw your question on my blog. Hope it helps. :)

  4. Patty Ann- really? well purple's really nice :) you should really get your pair :)

    Yhamilet- wow that is really so sweet of you and nice to hear it form you :) I hope I do inspire you :) thankssss :)

    Candy doll-thankss :) okay I will check on that :)

    Becky-thanksss :)