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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the worst place with the best people

I have never really considered that this SM could be the worst SM in the universe so far,
considering that I practically grew up going to that mall, OKay, not that I always go to
that mall but the by the mere name of that mall reminds me of my highschool days.

(with my high school friends)

Anyway, maybe this SM is not that bad, I think I am generalizing the fact that they have the
WORST, I repeat, its a fact, apparently to me, that they have indeed the worst ARCADE center
ever! So worst that I did not even take a picture of the place.

(only our faces because the place is really soo bulok, good thing we are not bulok haha!)

But for the love of my friends, I agreed to go to this place even though seriously
I was already feeling sick, knowing that I would be hanging out there. Exaggerated?
YES. But this is me, and this is how I am, and I do not have to explain furthermore,
because my friends know it and my enemies.. do I even have one?? haha.

(meet moi, gel, chari, and becky)
eating at karate kid.

(the three of us foooling around haha)

I also realized that accidental happenings are at some point better than the actually
planned ones.. haha. I am happy to say that I am a registered voter already.
I did not plan to involve myself in the activity prior to going to the ugh. place. but
since becky and chari are going to regitser themselves, I decided to do myself the favor
as well. I do not know why my best friend Angela did not join us, well whatever her reason is.. I still think she is pretty weird haha.

(yeah so this is gel.. i told you PRETTY weird haha.)

I still do not know who to vote for.. Anyway, so my plan was to go at least to Town Center
to hang out but Chari and Becky, said that it was far from their place, which is not that far and I remember Becky mentioned that she needed to be home by four so I gave my want to hang out in Town and went with them at... I will not mention the place nlng.

(so this two, chari and becky were the culprits.. or the ones to blame for the bad location haha)

(but look at them they seem to be enjoying it pa.. esp. becky.. noh?)

( see, I told you she is enjoying it haha. to think she was the one who said she had to leave early haha)

So I agreed to hang out to this mall just to find out that Becky will be going home late,
we went home at around 7.3oish na. hai naku. That is all I can say to them haha. Anyway it was
indeed the worst place.. or sm so far for that matter... but with the best people :)

I still enjoyed hanging out with them because I super missed them sayang (such a waste/unfortunately ) that the other members of the barkada was not there.

Next time I hope to have my barkada (clique) completed hahaha. LOL ;p

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