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Saturday, July 11, 2009

weekend break


Yey. Weekend means more time to rest. I hope so. Yesterday (Friday, July 10) was just really tiring. Actually the week was very tiring, its like one hell of a week for me. AnywayI had fun today because Niko and I celebrated what we call the nikotrisha day. For some reason we just decided and realized that the number eleven or the 11th of August 2 years ago did something to the both of us.. or to me perhaps so we take time to remember that every month haha (okay I do not want to make this sound so cheesy)

Yes we have been going crazy and fooling around for the past 23 months already..
We abviously ate outside then strolled around the mall, and bought some things for myself.. We did not really hanged out that long since he had to go to Laguna for their team building. T.T


I really had fun today. oh and last night with his brothers. They were all cute together :)
Hai. Too bad I was not able to take a shot of us :'( since I was sooo lazy to get my camera in the car. I know there will be a next time for that. ( My blogging right now is so unforgivable LOL)


I also bought a new pair of shoes this week (actually niko did). I love the pinkness of the shoe that's why I instantly bought it haha. My outfit falls between irony and eccentricity. I don't know what made me say that, I just feel like it because of the skirt and the shoes.


I am not really in the mood to dress up that much because I have been growing like CRAZY!!!!
My fatness is already unforgivable, well apparently to me. I seriously need to be serious (okay how redundant is that?) with what I want now. School has been very stressful, and people there have been very.... IRRITATING and ANNOYING. Yes very.. way too annoying.

I am also irritated with my rents right now. esp with the argh dad see how irritated I am. I hate it when he shouts or raises his voice, its just too irritatting especially now that I have my period, my patience is running low right now. (the reason I am ranting is because I have my period. I think haha)

The only thing that is making me giddy and excited are the clothes and shoes my Lola sent me. Another yey for that. I cannot wait to dress up. I can't wait to lose weight. (That rhymes LOL) I cannot wait for this period to END!!!!!

Okay I am going crazy. I wish this period stops na tlga.

Trish (O.0)

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