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Sunday, July 5, 2009

WHITE emergency


Yes it was indeed a white emergency. But thanks to camerafilmroll's blog I have come to make my ordinary blouse into a tube top :) I had to attend to a debut of a friend which has a white party theme, and unfortunately I am kind of broke right now so I cannot buy that perfect white dress YET. Well actually, I have this perfect white dress envisioned in my mind already, I just cannot seem to find that YET.

Well I am thinking of having it done instead of doing an endless search :) BTW, Niko knows.. I think he knows how to sew which will be very perfect. I am also planning to enroll myself more likely next year after I graduate from my bachelors degree in fashion communication.. Okay, that would be too much.. maybe a two year vocational course in pattern making and sewing.


So here is the debutante, and I like her shoes.She happens to be my brothers.. err I think girlfriend.. Or a very special friend just like me and Niko haha.. Special friend would most likely mean one thing right??


So here I am showing more of my outfit. I loved my necklace, I am into necklaces lately and a lot of bangles. A lot of them. I bought another 4 bangles and a necklace just this week. I never really thought I would be into accesories, not before I considered fashion in my life.


Here am I with Niko, just fooling around and camwhoring :)


and I think he is also one hell of a fashionable guy as well :) he just wont admit it.

Okay let me take that back, he said he's not fashionable, just classy.

Things do not really seem to happen the way you think or want them to be. I almost lost what I have. Impulsive desicion making, emotions over ruling your state of mind, and a pale full of tears surpassing the memories you had. In this almost thing, the sitauation had its twist and eventually turned out to be good. Thank God it was good. :)

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