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fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight- Karl Lagerfeld

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

what breaks me..makes me..

I am not to talk about fashion but rather what I truly feel. Not that publicizing what I feel would put an end to whatever I am encountering right now, nor would I want to publicly humiliate myself. I would just like to use this medium to vent out at the same time express my outlooks and emotions that seems to be bittersweet and complicated.

OKay I totally lost what I wrote. and it sucked BIG time.


This guy up here is Niko and I happened to hate his insensitivity at times, his criticisms that seems so insensitive, and the sound of his voice when he is so irritated... and yes he may break me at times..

for the past few days, we have been experiencing this rocky situation that is draining all the emotions in me but on the other hand I just realized...


He also makes my day, helps me through thick and thin, never gives up on me.. and still sticks with me though I have pushed him away a thousand times already.

Now is that a person worth pushing or keeping?

I say I keep this nosy guy around. Through thick and thin, he is my best friend after all.