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Saturday, August 1, 2009

I got a feeling....

Why make that as my title? because this song is the one that keeps on playing in my head right now.

I have been through.. ugh the worst relationship trial ever, with a friend, okay special friend. I just hate it, its like sucking the blood, or worst, life out of me. Why? Because I have come to be attached with him, Niko. I know you are getting used of him already.

But I have cleared things out with him already. All through out the painful week, the black eyed peas single is the only song I keep on listening to.. I just do not why. (imagine me crying while the song is playing on the background)

But like I said, I am feeling much better now. I keep on saying but, and I am starting to be annoyed by that. hmp.

So what I wore for today, since the both of us are okay now (back), is this.

(dorothy perkins white blouse, basilier brown pants, bottega veneta orange bag, aerosoles orange shoes)

I was in the mood to look formal yet not that formal kind of look maybe it's because of the post heartache syndrome. I swear the color of the pants are brown, its just that the camera or my editing perhaps did not seem to do justice in it.

I do not have much pictures right now because, I am having hard time uploading pictures in the net. I also seem to lose my energy towards writing. Again maybe its because of the post heartache syndrome.


I should now stop blaming the traumatic heartache experience I had. Ha-ha. I am leaving my blog with a quote from Erich Fromm from his book The Art of Love which is.....

Love is not just a factual of heart but of the mind as well.

And my say is, love will not work by using your heart alone.


more pictures, tom. If I am not that busy. :)


  1. i know how you feel.
    its unfair how boys can make u feel so many emotions that u rather not feel :P

  2. Sorry for u and hope u would get over it soon. I know its rather easy to say than done!
    I love this look and the way u folded the hems of the pants! :)

  3. hi.. youre very pretty
    are those curls natural?