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Sunday, August 30, 2009

tragedy of thy heart

I hate feeling something that I do not want to linger anymore.

I love to buy things for myself when I am sad.

I forgot to think of myself when I pursued the calling of my heart.

I have never experienced such heartache in my entire existence.

Fortunately I have new things to keep me busy somehow.

Unfortunately those new things did not work for me.

Unfortunately what I thought would last forever, ended.

-something I did for my class. I think you ought to know by now where did these come from.

my saturday class and day. sooooo okay but I am having a hard time inside.


(dress from ruins, denim vest from grandmom, shoes from ATC)

I am still coping with the painful experience that up to know I have not yet come to accept. I am starting to think and feel so many things already. Argh.

OKay so saturday was tiring, very tiring. Then came Sunday.

I am happy to have two new pairs of flops :) I got them from Nothing but water. 50 off.



(wearing the same blazer. I just cannot help but fall for it.)

I am planning to buy a pair of shoes from Aldo and/or Zara if I still have the funds. I really want those two pairs :'( I need to express what I feel, and buying the things I want especially when I am like this really helps.

My brother also bought his supra. Good for him. Blessed him.


I still hate it that I cannot accept the fact that someone's gone already. Its hard. Very hard.

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