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Friday, August 21, 2009

The man I fell for.

The man I fell for

I fell for a man who has nothing at first glance
But eventually caught my heart
I fell for a man who was nothing to me
But eventually became my everything

I fell for his wits, charm, and smile
His attitude, intelligence, and company
His kindness, understanding
His personality that says it all

How could I just let go that easily?
If he makes my day, makes my life
I just fell for a man
who completely changed my life

My thoughts are his so are my dreams
And that I can't even bear to let go
But times like this requires an end
Even everything that has breath dies

This passion however will always linger
And I do not know for how long it will stay
All I know is that he has already marked
A special place in my heart

I do not want this to be a farewell
For he is the man I fell for
And I just want him to be
The one and only man I 'd fall for.


  1. hi paty,

    thank you for the comment you left me. I replied back to you on my post =) i love the song you posted on this entry.

  2. i know exactly what you feel.. *sigh*