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Monday, August 17, 2009

floral makes my day

I am into floral pieces right now. I think they add life to the outfit and makes it more lively, makes more statement. On the other hand you won't be able to accessorize that much. There are times I love plains as well, okay I think it really depends on my mood.

Anyway this is what I wore for today


This floral blazer from Marietta Rossiti which I got from my grand mom is much loved, and I turned my new look dress into a skirt. Top and inner top are from a local boutique shop here in Manila and wore my peep toe oxfords from Janilyn.

We had an afternoon with the rector, and that program is about the presentation of each organizations planned activities for the school year. I had a busy day taking pictures and walking around in high heels. Which reminds me I love what my girlfriend Sofia wore for today's event


I just love the pop of yellow in her outfit. Don't you guys? I also made her as my subject for my photography assignment which requires at least three techniques of composition. This picture has color..lines.. and I am still working on that one technique haha.

I also did buy few things for myself just to unwind make me forget certain things. I bought two nail polish, a vest, shorts, and belt. Yes they are just cheap finds at the mall.


These are my girlies, dane, paula, and sofia.

I am thinking of going to Singapore and work there after I graduate, on the other hand I am also thinking of working here and study fashion marketing. If only fashion journalism is available here in the Philippines. Those are just mere plans. All I need to do now is to study hard and save more.

My Tiffany bracelet is officially missing. I cried last night because I have been looking for it two nights straight already. Its like my dkny watch and that tiffany are the only accessory I love to wear. I cannot accept that fact that it is missing. I think its with my mom but scared to ask her because she might not give it back. T.T hate it.

I will just focus on my French and Spanish lessons.


  1. Ooh I love that bracelet from the first photo!


  2. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog !!

    I really love your floral blazer ! Beautiful :))

  3. What gorgeous looks! oh and I use flickr to upload my pics and I use a Cannon REbel XS - hope that helps :-)