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Thursday, August 27, 2009

jobless student in need of cash

Isn't ironic that I am a jobless student when I am supposed to be studying lng instead of looking for a job. Well if not, then for me somehow it is. I need cold hard cash, for my own use and expenses haha. Because of that I tried applying to this job at (will not mention the place).. Only to find out that no it is not what this person told me to be. This person whom is the friend of my friend's friend told me that it was an online advertising job but when me and 2 of my friends went there..hai. We obviously got disappointed. Apparently it was a networking thing or BOM.. Business Opportunity Meeting. I am not a fan of networking so let's just say I just shed off the idea.

Anyway let me just show you guys pictures of what happened to me.

(mng red bag :)

(our lovey shih tzu frodo :)

(me and my friend santi :)

(me, jason, and santi :)

I am still coping with what I was feeling. I think you already know that. I pray to get over fast. I really do.

My hair's back to its natural color already :) I know I just dyed it black but nevertheless black is still the original color of my hair :)

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  1. Gumaganda ka... bakit ganun? namimiss lang kita.. im sorry.. u bought na din pala.. I'll be going to DV soon.. Sama ka.. dun kita bilan.. Ok? hope ur ok..