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Friday, August 7, 2009

its a shoe rambling.

Who would have thought that a person like me, yes like me, would fall in love with FASHION. Maybe from the very beginning (ever since I started dressing up to look good) I have liked fashion though it was unconscious at first but little by little it did take a toll on me and it happened just this summer of 2009. I just took an action that I really wanted to dress nicley and with a twist by creating a fashion blog or rather joining a fashion blog website.

But my love for shoes.. Oh. That I know ever since I started walking I knew I loved shoes.
I just ignored it really. Why? I do not know, maybe because I did not want the feeling of wanting a lot of things. I wanted to be contented. But..... this coming of age proved that No..No..

You just can't let go of that dream of having to beat Imelda Marcos for owning 2,000 pairs shoes or more.

I do not know nut there is something with glads that I really like. I do not know.

and I never really thought that I would fall for Guiseppe Zanotti as well.

I don't think I would wear heels like those but still I find it really ooooohhhhh. On the other hand maybe I will.

And one of my current loves are Oxfords!! Yes. Oxfords. Its like I want hundred pairs haha.

This pair is just a copy of the valentino booties which is this...

But this replica is already okay. (source: shoeblog)
These are from Urban Outfitters if I am not mistaken

Blue or black?? I like them both!! I LOVE OXFORDS!!!

also I know this is last season but admit it gladiators are still hot these days... and like what I keep on saying I am usually a flats kind of person and just by seeing this I know I truly laaabbbbb it!

I know I will always love flats.. there is also this gladiator flats I saw at aPRP and I am planning tp buy it soon after THE birthday haha.

For not so expensive but good looking shoes I will go for Charles and Keith. Yes I love their shoe style only thing though is that most of them are heeled, and I hardly go to school in heels because of the connotation that you are overdressed when you go to our school in heels, especially if you arer tall like me. ( I am not that tall but everytime I wear heels people think I am crazy T.T)

lastly I want to stuff my shoe closet with all of these pairs!!!

Oh.. juice. Once I get my first job you would probably know where most of my earnings will go to hahahaha!! This is just the first part of the shoes I would want to own, let me update them some other time. mwah.

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